Story Teller

In my journey as a story teller I have had led a dual role as narrator and motivator. Traversing from taking action, thinking out loud and influencing the conversation to making connections for innovation in new approaches to fostering progress I aim to shift our society to a more free and fair culture which works for all.

As a narrator, I have explored myself and the passions of others through photography, writing, web development, social media marketing and conversation. 

As a motivator, I have applied my creative, innovative and collaborative capacities to discover, inspire, lead, and express the stories that matter through diverse forms of storytelling as social action in humanitarian work, politics, and strategic thinking to work to make the world the place I want to live in and pass on to future generations.

Together my narrator and motivator roles form the DNA of my communicator mission to express, convey, discover, guide and connect us.





Technology/Social Media


Social/Humanitarian work

Politics and Policy

Team Building