Looking for a photographer share in New York

As I'm looking for a new place, I thought I might post this offer and see if I can gain some interest. I am a professional photographer. I had a photo studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn for many years but had to drop it in 2009 for the economy. I am now looking for a new place - Brooklyn (likely williamsburg or bushwick), Manhattan, possibly even LIC or South Bronx or somewhere else. Here's the thought - if 2, 3 or even more photographers get together and find a space that has bedrooms for each plus one space that's big enough to have a studio and combine our studio gear (i already have enough gear for most needs, I sold some in 2009 but still have a full kit) we could each use it as needed to shoot. I'd like to keep individual rent under $1000 because our industry is still in flux, so a 2BR under $2000 or a 3BR under $3000 for example. I have a business model for a rental studio so we could even possibly rent it out when none of us need the studio area and split the profits.

If you think this might make sense for you, email me with your portfolio and I'll respond with mine. Stable people only please, if you aren't currently making your living off your photography please tell me how you do make a reliable income. Other industry professionals (makeup, hair, stylists etc) are also welcome but in that case I'll probably be looking at your work and thinking about whether our work jives well enough that we might be able to collaborate.

I think this could be a fun creative environment for those of us that can't imagine separating our work from our personal lives. Do you?

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