Seeking stylists to add to my team

I'm seeking one or more talented, experienced and connected stylists to join my team. My two go-to stylists have moved on to other things, one to Paris and the other is now busy as a magazine editor. If you are interested, please demonstrate that you have and understand the following things:

  1. I will test with you at least once before ever bringing you on a paid job
  2. You can create something out of nothing
  3. You don't think it's your show. We each have our role, we're a team and we work together.
  4. You have connections to pull from showrooms. If you're still at the buy/return stage we won't fit
  5. You understand my style and can contribute to making it better.
  6. You have a portfolio and other ways to demonstrate 2 through 5.

I have at least two great concepts that I can use to test you out, and if we work well together then they should generate publishable content for tear-sheets, so even if it doesn't result in a long term relationship this could be beneficial for the right person.

Please email me with your information. If you are not a stylist but know people that are, please forward this on.


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