Tell me what to see and share this year

As a photographer and writer I spend a good percent of my life telling others what I think they should see, how to look at it and even suggesting things to think about. This isn't because I feel my view is better or more important than others, it's just an innate desire to share mine. I, as with most people, am always working to grow, improve, change and do better. Sometimes the best way to do that is to look outwards, and that's what I'm doing here. Today I'm asking for your opinions on how I can do better this year. Your comments on my photography, my writing or anything else will be read and thought about and help me solidify my direction for this year.

Before commenting, if you haven't already, please look through my work on my site as well as some of my writing on this Blog. It may even be useful to read some of the articles I wrote for The Phoblographer last year, even though I'm currently on hiatus from writing for them.

Then give me your comments. What do you want to see from me? Where are my strengths, what's missing? What kinds of things could I write about that I haven't been? Any and all criticism is welcome, though more so if it's constructive. If the advice is for public consumption you can use the comment field below, or if you feel it should stay between us feel free to Contact me here.

Thank you in advance, and I am always willing to reciprocate - please include a link to your work if you would like the favor returned.

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