My personal Journey as a Humanitarian

I was raised with a great importance placed on helping others and working to make the world we want to live in and pass on to future generations. From a young child I was involved as an Eagle Scout, helping with roadside cleanups, community volunteer events and countless others. I was raised by parents who not only espoused these values to us but lived by them as well in small ways such as bringing food to less enabled families and donating to organizations to big ways including my father, a rural pediatrician, providing free medical care for families who couldn't afford it and did not have health insurance. One could say that this type of work is in my blood. 

My first journey into making this a greater part of my life was upon my first trip to Haiti in 2007. I immediately fell in love with the people, their culture and the country. I saw great need from so many proud, strong and beautiful people that I knew I had to continue to improve the lives of those less fortunate. Soon I joined the board of 1 Big Boost as Communications Director. Since then I have traveled to Haiti five times, Nepal twice, Myanmar once and New Orleans twice as well as volunteering in many ways in Brooklyn and the greater NY area. 

The culmination of this is the founding of Wandering Aid with my partner Eleanor Gray who shares my passion for helping displaced people. We define displaced people as those who are displaced from their homes and lifestyle in any number of ways and therefore need resources they may not otherwise. This could include homeless, refugees, amnesty seekers, battered women and others. Our first project, currently in early stages is to produce a map of resources already available to people in need such as shelters, food banks, free clinics, legal and translation services and more, vetting them for quality.