My personal Journey in Politics and Policy

My political activism has been simmering within me from a very young age, from following elections and policy from fourth grade on to attending protests, marches and political art events. However I was really activated by Bernie Sanders' bid for president.

I joined the Bushwick Berners as their Media Organizer, managing our team of photographers, writers and cinemetographers, documenting all of our activities and coordinating with the Social Media team for effective distribution. I also worked on the campaign directly gathering signatures, canvassing in four states, phone banking, text banking, registering new voters (our group registered more than 4500 new voters in NY, more than 10% of the new voters in the state), working on fundraising events and efforts, speaking at meetings, conducting interviews and more. 

As a direct result of this I got involved with various progressive organizations including the Working Families Party, Citizen Action, the Democratic Socialists of America, Grassroots Action NY and others. I canvassed for Debbie Medina, Arthur Schwartz and Medicaid, some paid and some volunteer. I was sponsored to attend the Wellstone Grassroots Organizing certification by WFP and the Justice Works leadership conference by Citizen Action. 

I now have plans for a future run for office as a progressive leader, possibly as early as 2020.