Technology and Social Media

I have a long and rich history working in technology as a web developer, social media manager, project manager and strategist. It began with building my first website in 1995 and grew to being the lead developer at Organic, one of the four leading web development agencies on projects for Bloomingdales, Chase, USWest and CSFB. I moved on to Flavorpill media where I was the Technology Director and Lead Developer as a startup.

As the internet migrated towards social market over brochure-ware and e-commerce I have continued to do some development work but have shifted my focus towards social media and using transmedia storytelling to reach audiences through a variety of platforms. Through this shift I have had the opportunity to create strategies for growing subscriber bases promoting organizations and their messages in the most effective manner possible. A strategy that keeps close track of metrics and other available data while allowing for flexibility and dynamic iterations.

I have worked with large and small companies, social, humanitarian and political organizations and individuals, consistently honing my skills and strategies as trends shift and develop and new possibilities emerge.

Sample projects:

One Big Boost

1 Big Boost is a Global organization from and for everyone in need and seeking improved life. We provide aid one time, one place to serve many.

On the board as their Communications Director I assist in executive decisions on projects, managing and executing projects in underdeveloped communities and documenting the process through photos, video and writing. This material is then used on our website, which I developed and built, facebook and other channels to communicate to donors, volunteers and other interested parties what we do and how others can help. We then use a combinaation of media and fundraisers such as selling arts and crafts made in the areas we serve as fundraisers for future projects.

WHS Homes inc

WHS Homes inc, with its network of brands including Timberpeg, Real Log Homes and American Post and Beam is a New Hampshire based company designing and building timber frame homes. I architected and built this network of four sites on a base drupal platform. The sites are effectively social media sites in their own right allowing users to create accounts and save galleries, videos and plans they are interested in and share them with local builders who also use the site. It then integrates with social media sites such as facebook, instagram, pinterest and houzz for a holistic experience. The project was created as a social media platform in order to create an ongoing user experience encouraging users to return to the site over time since building a home is not a decision made at the spur of the moment.

Bushwick Berners

The Bushwick Berners was a Bushwick, Brooklyn based organization working to elect Bernie Sanders for president during the 2016 election. Throughout 2015 and 2016 I served as the Media Organizer, both creating and managing the photography, video, writing and other media to document our projects, fundraisers and other events and deliver them to our social media team for propogation across our website, facebook, twitter, instagram and other platforms.