I have been involved in video production for many years in various roles. Here I will focus on some of the videos I worked on surrounding politics and humanitarian work.

Bushwick Ravens

The Bushwick Ravens was a small team of video profesionals linked to the Bushwick Berners working to secure the nomination and election of Bernie Sanders for President in 2016. While we had plans and footage for more videos we were able to produce and distribute four before he was unable to secure the nomination. 

I Directed, recorded audio and aided in the editing of the following videos:


Hillary is my Ex

This three part video series interviews people who started as Hillary Clinton supporters but shifted over to supporting Bernie Sanders, and why they decided to do that.



Do you consider yourself a Conservative?

This video interviews four self-described conservatives of different ages and from different parts of the country, seeking to understand how and why they consider themselves a conservative and why despite that they are supporting Bernie Sanders.

It was part of a series of unlikely supporters for Bernie from their own words to show diverse people why they might support Sanders despite the classifications and expectations. More interviews were filmed including Veterans, Minorities, Children and others but the editing did not complete prior to the primaries and served no purpose after them.


One Big Boost

In 2015 I produced a short video for One Big Boost documenting our relief work after the earthquake in Nepal. The audience for this video was past and future donors, volunteers and other parties interested in the work we do.



Sander-Martijn on Haiti

In 2009 I produced a video on Haiti both to work towards changing people's viewpoints on Haiit and its people, as well as to raise funds for my next trip. This was just prior to the earthquake there so this piece makes no mention of the devastation which closely followed my release of this. For some of my thoughts on the state of affairs in Haiti after the earthquake please read my piece A year and a half after the earthquake in Haiti... Where's Waldo?