A menagerie of dichotomies - Brooklyn to the Poconos

  • Posted on: 15 March 2009
  • By: Raven

Today begins the next step in my adventure. I sold as much as I could, packed up the truck and headed out. I had a lot of help from some wonderful people - my parents, my sister Aiperi and her husband Ulan, my best friend Alina, and two other close friends Anatolli and Dan. I couldn't have done it without them. Oh yes, and I want to thank Debbie and Mike Cerra as well who loaned me the truck so I didn't have to pay for a rental. Leaving New York where I've been for 13 years, and my photo studio for the last 4 years was bittersweet of course. But Pennsylvania, the poconos specifically, will be a good place to get my head together and work out some of the details I need to before I can leave for Haiti. After a long drive and a late dinner I went out to look at the stars and process this major change in my life. Stars are one thing I've always missed living in New York, so it's the first thing I do when I go somewhere I can see them. They bring me peace, looking at this huge universe we live in and reminding myself how small my problems are, and how far reaching anything positive I do can be. Just as I looked up at the sky I saw a large bright orange falling star. I made a wish. I wished that this is the beginning of everything falling into place, and that things will move smoothly and swiftly from here on out.