The Sea Elf

  • Posted on: 13 March 2021
  • By: Raven


The Sea Elf, a 1949 Samuel Crocker 36' wooden Gaff rig Ketch

About our search

We have long planned on moving onto a sailboat. We always knew we wanted a tiny life. We want to be sustainable, independent, and free of the rent and mortgage industry. We wanted freedom to move about without being tied to a specific location. We found after much research that a sailboat is the best way to achieve all of those things. We moved down to New Orleans in August to begin our search in earnest. 

Finding (and losing) the Sea Elf


The Sea Elf was the first boat we fell in love with. In remarkable condition, it really just needed some TLC immediately, anything else could wait. Unfortunately there was already a deposit on the boat before we even went to see it, but the owner and his wife said they hoped the buyer would "go away" so we could get it. He didn't, and bought the boat. We tried to forget about it and kept looking, getting serious enough to look at 4 others in person. None of them really fit us or the lifestyle we want, and the more we looked at fiberglass boats the less we connected with them. We knew more and more what